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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is your outsourced go-to person. It’s like having your very own personal assistant, yet she sits in her own remote office. A Virtual Assistant usually comes from an executive background and has many years of admin experience.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

Perhaps you have only a few tasks to outsource right now. Or your budget doesn’t allow for a full-time person. She will add time to your day by taking care of all the little things while you focus on growing your business. Need to book an appointment with the Embassy or the Doctor? Your VA will take care of it. Have a transcription that needs to be done by morning? Ask your VA!

How do you delegate tasks to your VA?

Send tasks to your VA from your mobile phone, via email or Skype. The key is to find the right VA for you and work congruently in a way that suits you best!

Get on board with a Virtual Assistant Agency - you have one point of contact with access to a pool of skills ensuring the highest quality work.

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For the Business Owner

Virtual Assistant Agency
Time is your most valuable commodity. Your VA offsets your time. Become more productive and hire a VA as part of your team.

Through a Virtual Assistant Agency you can interview your VA before you get started, knowing that you’re hiring the most suitable candidate to complement your team and workload.

For the Virtual Assistant

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As an aspiring Virtual Assistant you want to be found, and hired for your superb skillset.

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