Executive Virtual Assistance How To Benefit from Having EVA: Handy guide

Being a business Executive you need to play astute and fast. Executives/ Senior Managers play a vital role in any organization to ascent the business to step up to new heights. You have numerous tasks in a day to accomplish which can’t be done all alone. Here you need an experienced and dynamic person to support you. 

Who is this?

An Executive Virtual Assistant, yes an EVA is not an ordinary one, It is the only person who can enable a business executive to boost their time tossing their business and move head fast. EVA help to cut- short non-business chores that become just time-killing. Executive virtual assistance makes you more convergent on initiation and leading while investing original capital to do the job perfectly. The else that is left should rest with the Executive virtual assistant.

WHY EVA is in demand?

  After the 2020 pandemic, the remote culture has flourished like mushrooms. That paved the way for the c-suite and long-term entrepreneurs to think about hiring EVA and VA. They are highly satisfied with remote employees with counting multiple benefits.

The administrative assistant supports an executive in office ambiance. While an executive virtual assistant can perform remotely from all over the world. They often become a CEO’s “helping hand,” Competent in making independent decisions to deepen productivity. A virtual executive assistant can step in and take on some of the admin work with an overhead level of ability and reliance.

If you’re in search of an EVA, use this A-Z handy guideline to better understand what they can do and how to find the accurate one for your business.

What tasks are delegated to the Executive Virtual Executive Assistant?

 They are delegated to perform remotely below listed jobs:

Calendar Management

1. Email and phone call screening

2.. Travel scheduling

3. Event planning

4. Professional networking

5. Managing Personal task

C-suites (Chief-executives, Chief Operating officers) and big entrepreneurs Executives spend 16-18 hours a week on everyday tasks, and planning meet-ups is a momentous drain on their time. It takes about 20-30 minutes to agenda a meeting, and this all goes very turbulent with,

ü Re-scheduling the meetings

ü Non-respondent emails and so on. 

It takes a glance to find the productivity, multiply those minutes crosswise a few run across per day, and you’ve got a lot of pointless time.

An experienced and smart executive virtual assistant can better perform all this by Reaching out to meeting attendees and Presciently sharing positions available on the executive’s calendar. An Executive VA learns who is the alpha to an executive’s work and can hold over requests to more suitable connections in the company.

l Email and Phone Screening

Entrepreneurs and chief Executives can spend up to two to three hours a day in email or voicemail. The mailbox is the fluff of irrelevant and bogus emails, their much time consumes in the deletion of those emails. This activity is implausibly riotous when done in real-time as mails get in. Getting to your core email back wastes a lot of time.

An EVA can easily manage your emails, phone calls, and your contacts on priority and your quality time is saved for value addition to your business. The assistant can also:

Forward messages, organize folders and respond accurately to all queries.

l Arrange Travel & travel visas

All businesses are seeking their benefits, business executives are more careful about their travel expenses. They want to make arrangements for their traveling in a wise way to cut the cost. It is a lengthy process that a savvy Executive VA can easily manage and just hand over to your itinerary. They arrange all with airlines, hotel stay, vehicles, and all related ones. You are the only final reviewer.

Event schedule & Building professional relationships

 Conferences and business galas often involve numerous logistics. However, an EVA is supposed to plan all inbound or overseas events, venues, their product shows. On behalf of executives do the job of administration, and handle professional relationships. and can oversee internal and external executive event plans to make sure they meet your standards for venues, meal choices, displays, and materials.

l Professional networking, Liaising with stakeholders

For any business growth and marketing, it is vital to be actively involved in networking and making your social presence. Connect with stakeholders. The EVA here can prove himself a soldier of fortune, help you to stay connected with your contacts on your behalf by keeping a high level of confidentiality

ü Entering contact with clients, stakeholders, and partners

ü Planning regular calls and follow-ups on contracts

ü Prepare and Follow up on going correspondence

ü Doing Book entries

For what benefit do executives and Entrepreneurs Need a Virtual Executive Assistant?

As executives are the cream of the corp they play a caring role in moving the businesses forward. They are not to consume time in non-productive tasks it entails distractions. EVA is doing all your tasks to assist you and grow your business they are taking pain for your business and showing results. worldwide business executives are more comfortable with remote employees. By having EVA you can save administration costs, become more time efficient, and increase business productivity. 5 days a week office can extend to a full week even. If you’re looking for a virtual executive assistant, make use of a handy guide to interpret what they do for your business and how you can benefit from their optimized services.

How to Hire an Executive Virtual Assistant?

VAConnect is a Global Leader in remote professionals. It has a dynamic remote workforce that is all times ready and waiting to serve you with its tremendous remote EVA services. It is a South African-based company working successfully since 2008 and transformed into VAConnect in 2014. It is founded by Karen(CEO) who formed it into a global powerhouse and Africa’s largest-managed Virtual Assistant Agency. Further, Karen has established VAVarsity, which is a free Udemy-like platform for their VA & EVA to up-skill themselves. No matter your business type or level, VAConnect has the best Executive remote assistants you ever need. There is a simple procedure to connect with the company by making a phone call or message and finding your best-fit plan to hire an EVA monthly.

Takeaway: Executive Virtual Assistance has become a part and parcel of smooth workflow and successful business.