For the last few years, the idea of using a virtual assistant for the purpose of outsourcing daily business tasks has become very popular among the small business owners. A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed individual committed to providing support services to his clients. He is entitled to accomplish any task from managing social media to online campaign. Whenever the task of hiring a virtual assistant comes in South Africa, the pricing structure is being followed. The pricing structure is subject to variation based on the business type and individual requirement. Hiring virtual assistants has helped in reducing the workload of the small business and the rates which the virtual assistant charges for their services have helped the businessman in saving money and time as well. In South Africa, the small businessman takes the advantage of the hourly services of the virtual assistants who work on an hourly basis rather than employing a full-time assistant for their workplace.

Average Salary for Virtual Assistant

In South Africa, the average salary of a virtual assistant is R 8299. They may also earn the salary starting at R250 per hour. The specialized virtual assistant may ask for higher rates as well. This salary estimate is based on the information provided by Indeed of the virtual assistant employees, its users and the information retrieved from the advertising agencies in the last 24 months.

Rates and Packages of Virtual Assistants

The rates of virtual assistant vary from hourly rates to project rates. The hourly rates further vary in accordance to the services provided to the clients. Sometimes the hourly rates turn out to be more profitable, if the client adds some extra work, make some change in the given task which requires extra time to get the finish. The hourly rate helps the virtual assistant to track the time which he takes to complete it and it further helps him to invoice the amount the time which he actually took to finish that work. It helps him to quote rates in future. The hourly rates may be high if the client is of the local market. The local rates in South Africa for simple typing starts at R 75.00 per hour. The virtual assistant also creates the packages to sell their skills to the clients. The rates for per projects are determined to keep in view the size and the scope of the project.