What are Pro’s of Hiring an Executive Virtual Assistant, If you can do the job better

An executive virtual assistant assists you with managing, interacting, and filtering through all of your leads and expectation. EVA can manage administrative work like paperwork, meetings scheduling, and data entry.

An EVA assists C-Suites(chief executives), Entrepreneurs enamored to be one of the most in-sight people in the office. Nowadays, administrative duties and running the business can easily be handled virtually. It is really another less obvious superhero or a ninja who works round-the-clock even on holidays just to assist in the management process, mostly cloak-and-dagger but definitely not underestimated.

Yes obviously, talking about Executive Assistants or Virtual Executive Assistants! After Corona pandemic, organizations around the world have begun to hire remote employees/ virtual executive assistants to manage their business operations more efficiently.


  • What a Virtual Executive can help you

Frequently asked the question: what can they do? If you hire a Remote executive assistant, You will realize that most of your burden is shifted onto their shoulders. You could have quality time for your organization and a better business strategy. EVA fulfills many of the same duties as an on-site executive assistant, see:

Administrative tasks: Scheduling your calendar, managing your files, screening your email inbox, and correspondence, and directing phone calls All of these tasks are no more needed now your time or an on-site executive assistant to handle them.

Planning/ Scheduling: Require an event planned? Is a meet-up scheduled on your behalf? An EVA does it and allows you to depute all of these tasks.

Perform Any special assignment: A virtual executive assistant should be smart enough to handle any customized assignment. Carry on the task with your specific requirements or something that is in benefit of the company. 

Project management: A virtual executive assistant can perform for a project manager, which requires efficiency, skill sets, experience with specific platforms, and technical knowledge related to the project. They can help executives in managing projects. They can coordinate team members via zoom/email/messaging platforms and ensure notifications, reminders, and follow-ups, are moving -on as necessary.

Travel arrangements: An executive assistant makes arrangements for your travel plan. They know your preferences for the airline, seating, hotel bookings, and venues and simply hand over to you the itinerary and related documents right before you leave.

Writing and editing: They are quite smart and skillful people they don’t repeat drafts. They get ready presentations, and multimedia slides with extra profoundness on all presentations you are going to deliver. ‍

Remote office management: A virtual executive assistant can perform functions like book entries, invoicing, record keeping of accounts payable/receivable, and payroll management.

  • Why you need EVA if you are doing yourself

Business executives need to pay more attention to their core business, product development, and business strategy development. This is the main reason for going for an executive assistant that keeps executives focus on their most to do. Here need to understand, a lot of administrative activities are just multiple times more to do than they look as simple and easy. Here you have to look vigilantly. Decide whether you want to indulge in petty issues or delegate all these office chores to someone else who can do them with a better understanding and a high level of efficiency to put in. So the problem is half solved, hiring a remote person increases your business productivity that’s why you favor hiring him. 

If the task is much knotty, complex, or very 1st time, here you start worrying about it. It attracts your attention to hiring a vigilant and highly skilled executive assistant who works remotely. If you are worried and not sure how the new one will handle. The easy way-out just go for an executive assistant who is well-aware and skilled in your business.

  • Benefits of hiring a remote EVA: Pros of hiring EVA

Once the hiring is done, you are invited to see the top-notch benefit of hiring a virtual executive assistant for your business’s next move. The main key-benefit are:

Top-rated Operational Efficiency

After the hiring is done you can better realize percipient perfection in business management by apical industry professionals working in placement with you to enhance the operational efficiency of your business.

Across-the-board Assistance & Support

Some companies like VAConnect help organizations hire top-of-the-line virtual executive assistants to assist them with all sorts of administrative postulates.

Improved Precedency of Goals

Entrepreneurs and executives avail their quality time, While virtual executive assistants manage the routine tasks of your organization, you, as the business owner, get to eventually focus on your priority goals.

Time-saving Task Management

Hiring a Virtual executive assistant saves your time, making you extra-eyes-on supervising both administrative and technical tasks without any burden or stress. You feel stress-free from multitasking or inefficiency.

Boosting Efficiency and productivity

Boost your personal capacity and business productivity by hiring a specialized virtual assistant. They provide full assistance in fulfilling your various obligation, such as personal tasks, administrative responsibilities, and meeting schedules, among others.

Cost saving: Reduced Overhead Expenses

The ultimate benefit of hiring is that they are not office-bounded. They can work remotely from all over the world, which means reduced overhead costs than a typical hired on-site personnel.

  • How to start with your EVA: where to find remote executive

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