Rates of hiring a Virtual Assistants in South Africa

Recently there has been a great development in the technology and many of the work has been integrated with the computers. Each of this work is having their own importance and thereby are included in respective categories.

Some of the clerical work which includes data entry, customer service, marketing campaign assistance and so on consumes so much of time which can be transferred to some individual who is good at handling those tasks. This will remove the burden over a single person and will also permit greater work output.

Rates of hiring a Virtual Assistant in South Africa

There are few factors which are governing the rates of the Virtual Assistant. These factors include Experience which governs how much they are capable of performing a certain kind of task. Prior experience and their reviews will give the recruiter a brief idea about the performance of the individual if they hire them, based on which they can decide upon the prices.

Another factor which is considered includes the frequency at which work is required to be performed. If there is a regular requirement of certain work then its price is decided lower as it is a continuous work for a longer duration and vice versa. If the work which is to be performed requires technical knowledge it will again raise the price of the work which is to be performed.

The place from where the job is to be performed is also governing how much an individual will charge for the specified task. If the location is any remote location then that task will have lower cost as the individual doesn’t require to relocate for the task to be performed. These factors when combined will finally help us in deciding upon the right amount of rates for a specified task as virtual assistants.

Common charges for the jobs which are related to data entry and administrative work is around $12-20+ per hour. When it comes to marketing task, customer service or accounting support rates are around $20-35+ per hour. Advanced tasks or Executive Assistants will charge around $38-50+ per hour.


Thus we can say that there are few of the factors which are governing the final rates of the virtual assistant. These rates are normally an average and are subject to fluctuations based on the location from where work is supplied or from where the work is done. It is also liable to change based on the changes in the rates of the local market conditions.