Executive Virtual Assistant(EVA) Productivity Hacks and Tools for 2023

 A remote executive assistant is a part-time assistant. it’s an additional valuable addition to the services provided by virtual assistants. C-Suites/executives aren’t usually ones they have some additional toppings and quick delivery of labor. they’re efficient, precise, clear, and targeted. To cater to the needs of business super-humans: Executive virtual assistants are hired. 

EVA is provided usually by administrative jobs whose work consists of supporting management. EVA provides service to executives, chief-Executives and long-term entrepreneurs using a potpourri of project management, best communication, and organizational skills. A remote executive assistant basically assists senior executives with scheduling, email, travel schedules, etc. who works exclusively in their position as a remote executive assistant for only one at a time or several clients.

However so many times EVA becomes never-wrecking the deadlines. There are many apps, hacks, and tools available for their time-efficient fast delivery of work.  

List of productivity tools for Executive assistants:


1. Asana

Asana’s web and mobile app is a powerful Project management tool. It helps Executive Virtual Assistant to keep on track of tasks and commotion lists. It is helpful for teams to stay configured and work on projects. It is a great tool for businesses of all sizes.

2. Loom

This is the most recent video tool that has 3 settings to allow you to communicate. Its settings square measure screen with a camera, just screen, or just camera. 

 3. Hootsuite

It is a social media management tool that streamlines all of those connected tasks. You’ll return through your different social media platforms from the sole dashboard, which suggests no more trouble logging in and out.

4. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is an aggregation of fecundity and business tools that includes:
Gmail: a business-class email service.
Google Drive: a cloud-based storage service.
Google Meet: a video conferencing resolution that allows you to do meetings with up to 500 people.
Google Calendar: a free planning tool that helps you keep a trail of meetings, events, and maturities.
Google Chat: instant messaging for businesses.
Google Docs: a word processing application
Google Sheets: a spreadsheet application
Google Slides: a presentation application
Google Keep: a note-taking application that helps you stay organized
Google Sites: a website builder and easy to create landing pages and even a website
Google Forms is a way to create surveys and quizzes.

5. Zapier

The additional you can automatize, the more efficiently you can operate. Zapier (free app) is one of our high-grade productivity apps for creating more effective processes. It takes those apps which don’t have in-built integration with each other and acts as the “middle man” to create automation happen.

6. Call Please

It is one of the best apps for executive Virtual assistants. The platform offers a united, cloud-based call log that helps executive assistants to organize communications. The call pleases portal is a complete centralized location for call history, contact info, and taped messages.

7. Lola.com

Lola.com is the best travel management program ideal for business visits. it’s an internet dashboard, E Virtual Assistant can read a variety of team members’ travel plans in time and respond chop-chop to changes or exigencies. The platform offers 24/7 client support. Lola.com additionally sees monetary tools to path division expenses. 

8. Calendly

Calendly is one of the most effective tools. This is a calendar management application, that simplifies the meeting scheduling process. To use the app, you can set your availability option and share your link.

9. Ezcater

Ezcater may be a company business platform. By using this, you Virtual Assistant can find and order from suppliers and big restaurants across the United States. The service makes it straightforward to alleviate catering for events like group meetings, meetings, and parties. 

10. Clockify

Clockify may be a free-time tracker for units. Virtual Assistants will use the tool to manage and monitor comes. Highlights embody the standard to delegate tasks, label, and looking entries, supervise individual and team comes, and generate reports. 

11. Grammarly

 A useful and popular tool for writing. An EVA must use it to make error-free written communications Errors look unprofessional, particularly when the office memo containing them goes out to high-ranking officials or entire organizations. 

 12. Zoom

 With the increase in the globalization process and remote culture, it’s faultfinding that Executive Assistant perceives the complexity of Zoom. 

 13. Hubstaff

 Hubstaff is intended for time and project-following tools, also as payroll management.

 14. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most effective executive assistant tools. Filing and record-keeping measure an outsizes part of an executive’s role, and Dropbox makes sharing and storing data straightforward. 

 15. Trello

Trello is a supreme project management platform that may enhance as a time management and organization tool. It is the visual tool that endows your team to bring home the bacon on any style of project, workflow, or task tracking.


Executive Virtual assistants have a whole set of productivity tools that facilitate them to reinforce business productivity in a long run. They’re the key facilitators with their sharp tools and skill sets. VAConnect is the best place to search profiled Executive Virtual Assistants. They do not operate in the same spaces as their executives creating software, and services even additional supreme to daily duties. They get the assistance of tools and hacks, which multiply their efficiency and time.