What makes you stand out while getting your own Executive Virtual Assistant

After the Planet has evolved with technological transformation, the requirements of businesses and companies are also transformed. There is a requirement to know that business growth is conditional on having an executive virtual assistant in a more technical role, necessary for dredging C-suite leaders, long-term entrepreneurs, and business owners.

An executive Virtual Assistant is much more than a normal person. They are exclusive service suppliers and help in enhancing business efficiency by usurping totally different tasks like calendaring and coming up with, CRM management, data entry, emailing managing correspondence, and alternative long activities. These activities shelve plenty of burden on executives and business homeowners and bash quality time from core business functions. So they would like a ninja of digital tools that currently assist these functions. this is often a difficult call. a way to select an ideal EVA?

  • Highlight What are Your Preferences: 

You have to decide on the best fit for the given job. You need to explore what you lack in your business strategy. Know what your business needs. Make a list of all the skill sets you want an executive assistant to have. Be as peculiar as possible.

To facilitate the selection criteria, start with a checklist of what is your demand. Here is your test. How good you are at choosing through your skills, work experience, knowledge of the field, and sharp skills will make your hiring productive. It can be additive to split the checklist into three categories; hard skills, soft skills, and administration: Hard skills, Soft skills, and Administrative skills.

Have a deep insight into skills.

  • Hard Skills of EVA

The productivity, technology, and tools you employ in your organization are considered hard skills. To relieve yourself of these tasks, you’re looking for someone who is an expert in using these tools professionally. The top tools requested in executive assistant job descriptions are:

  • Planning & scheduling

  • Word execution

  • landing pages

  • Travel scheduling

  • Expense log

It will be more detailed to go on the far side of these basic applications. Make a list of all the tools you use to do the work that you want to unload. Include any applications that the assistant will need. A sneak peek of tools and common apps are:

  • Email (G mail, Outlook)

  • Calendars (Outlook, Google)

  • Travel Scheduling (Concur, Lola.com, Trip Actions)

  • Expense management (Expensify, Abacus)

  • Data entry (Excel, Google Sheets)

  • Word Execution (Word, Google Docs)

  • Document management (Box, Dropbox, OneDrive)

  • Project management (Trello, Asana)

  • CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot)

  • Soft Skills

Your EVA is supposed to represent you in the corporate sector/ business circle. They represent you on social media platforms, and internal-external connections, so they must be well-versed. Their communication should be highly graded. Research is evident that most of the deals remain finalized, with a lack of soft skills or poor communication. Soft skills mainly include:

  • Good Communication

  • Flexibility

  • Power of Problem-solving

  • Carping observation

  • Conflict resolving power

Soft skills are of utmost difficulty to specify and quantify. It is a subjective approach to judging a person. Here your judgment comes to play. For that, you can ask the candidate to tell any experience where he has resolved a problem or resolved any conflict. Ask to share how they have incontestable these skills in their last jobs. Here you can be helped. How? Some online skill tests can remove bias by furnishing dissent comparisons of candidates.

  • Administrative duties

After soft & hard skills, the administrative part of EVA is significantly important. Handling your calendar, managing your files, managing your email inbox, and answering phone calls. Each of these duties no longer requires an on-site executive assistant. The resume of a candidate can show their admin skills, but you have to evaluate how good he is at those skills.

  • What Must-needed vs May be needed  

While talking about tools and technology, it is vital to know what is needed at all for no compromise. Let’s say the candidate uses word instead of Google docs. It’s okay. You have to be very clear about what skills are non-negotiable to filter them out categorically.

  • Tag a job with an Experience level

It is value-added if you tag experience-level(basic, standard, proficient)/ (quantitatively: number of years) with each tool’s knowledge and its application.

  • Try maximum to up-skill

Irrespective of the skills and experience your new EVA has, they will have to learn from your company’s processes. Quantifying the need to provide training is a part of the hiring process. It can easily be judged by having look at a resume, or LinkedIn profile while being interviewed. For example, if there are several online certifications other than their core education. It shows their appetite for knowledge and confidence to develop strong software skills.

Now if you’re confident, You know, an Executive virtual assistant is a valuable addition to improve your efficiency.

What’s next?

VAConnect can speedily match you with a long-term executive assistant. It has efficient hard and soft skills EVA that are most important to you and your team. Given that most officer workers are remote, the difference between a virtual assistant and an in-house admin is wiped away. Cream of the Crop, only the best of VA Connect gets to join their Executive Virtual Assistant Program. It is an exclusive program and was designed to automatically merge into the teams of the big companies globally.

If the process seems daunting at first, keep in mind that it’s only the initial steps that you need to dissect into their tinny chunks. Once you make a phone call or message directly to the CEO of VAConnect Karen. She will talk to you and offer you a welcome pack. Then talent-hunting, short-listing / interview, and VA/client integration will start.